Review by Bobby Green

At this moment in time there’s only a handful of world class talent in Ireland that doesn’t have that ‘Irish’ sound. If you were to walk into any Irish city you’d be inundated with singers who could be considered world class, but they’d all have that sound. There’s nothing wrong with it, I love that sound and thankfully so do millions of others. But from time to time you’d get a singer whose soulful vocal could come from across the water on either side of this beautiful musical landscape of ours. And right now I honestly believe I’m listening to a brand new talent that is about to shine in that category.


Nile St. James is a singer/songwriter hailing from Limerick City. With heavy influences rooted in folk and soul music, Nile has found his own authentic space within the music industry combining the two genres to create unique and exciting hybrid. His debut single ‘Fell For You’ is a joyous introduction to his vocal stylings. This sweet introduction has Nile singing with his band (The Vibes) bringing their funk / soul rhythms from their dynamic live performances to the recording studio.


This is just the start for this young man, I can see his star rising into the intergalactic hemisphere. You can’t help but love this song, if he’s not a household name in a few years’ time there’s something seriously wrong…


Fell For You is available for pre-order on August 11th 2017 via iTunes