Review by Bobby Green (Bobs Joint)

Crojayn are an alternative style blues based rock band from the peoples republic. If you’ve not heard of them yet you very soon will. Their explosive sound is like dynamite to the senses and will leave you trembling with excitement. They formed in September 2013, at the ages of 13 – 15 and have been honing their craft ever since.  They have remained a self-managed band releasing their début eponymous EP in August 2015 to critical acclaim, building on their following they completing their first ever Irish tour in 2016 where they supported “The Strypes” picking up even more fans along the way and now, releasing their new blistering 4 track EP in 2017.

This fantastic second EP is everything I love about blues based rock, there must be something in the Irish water because this next generation of young musicians are creating a scene reminiscent of the 60’s where the next interpretation on the blues is stepping forward and staking its claim at the musical top table and the quality on offer just gets better and better. With the right management there would be no stopping Crojayn, their sound is worthy of the world stage and could easily compete with their peers. I’m genuinely excited about this next generations interpretation of the blues and the emerging scene it’s creating, and with this EP Crojayn are becoming major players. These are very exciting times for the music scene in Ireland and the likes of Crojayn and their peers are a major reason for this.

The EP is available on Spotify, iTunes, Google Play and various other platforms now.

You can preview “Sun House” here