Review by Bobby Green

Dublin’s Brass phantoms are set to release Waiting Up, their follow up to last year’s excellent City Of Wolves on February 24th. Everything that made City Of Wolves such a stand out track, the thundering drums and rumbling bass providing a cavernous groove, is interwoven on this new track. But within this alternative groove there’s a wall of sound that ignites a fire where the guitars dance around a melody like the flickering firelight’s ethereal glow. The production is again superb providing a defining sound allowing the groove to dictate but never dominate the track.

This groove laden Indie sound is so infectious, its beauty is in its subtlety allowing the vocal to be as poignant as intended, they really seem to have mastered this vibe. 2017 promises to be an important year for Brass Phantoms  and they are more than ready for what it has in store, they finished last year at the Other Voices festival and have been booked for various showcases and Ones To Watch festivals this year as well as this summer’s Indiependence. This should see them play to larger audiences as their plaudits continue to deservedly grow.

Watch the video for ‘Waiting Up’ below