Review by Bobby Green

Che Horgan is a songwriter from The Peoples Republic Of Cork embarking on a journey evoking images of rivers and seas that permeate this debut album as Horgan navigates the uncharted waters of new and old relationships. This independently released album would normally be a brave step for some but when you hear the quality sprinkled across these exquisitely arranged and perfectly delivered songs you’ll understand that it’s a no brainer. On first listen I was taken aback by the jolly beauty of this little gem, but on further listens I’m astonished that this is a debut album. These songs sound like a seasoned troubadour in full stride. I fell in love instantly when I heard the melodies and arrangements, the sway and flow from track to track over this complete album, because this is an album that needs to be heard as a whole like all great albums should.

There’s no low points along this journey that is heavily influenced by Lennon/McCartney, Harry Nilsson and David Gates, but the highly individual approach which runs through track after track transcends any influence to reveal a uniquely personal vision and sound.

When The Rivers Rise Again should introduce Che Horgan and his music to an audience way beyond these shores and I believe that his star will ascend to glorious heights. These delightful songs will flirt away with you every time you hear them and you’ll be seduced by their charm as you drift along the rivers with them as they rise to meet you and take you through the nine turns along this journey you’ll remember for a long time to come.

When The Rivers Rise Again is available from June 1st