Review by Bobby Green

I never in a million years thought I’d enjoy anything closely resembling Synth progressive music, it takes itself far too seriously for a start and it’s normally the sound of rich kids musically wanking. So why do I like Ape Rising so much? For a start, there is a huge element of fun about this album, I fell in love with the influences from the start. If you grew up playing computer games in the 90’s you’d be in heaven figuring out where these influences come from, you can tell there was great enjoyment in the construction of these songs and this really does come across in the arrangements.

I really got the references here, but this isn’t the only reason I like this album. It’s a great body of work as an introduction for me to Ape Rising, a band I’m only just getting to know. Johno Leader, Peter Donohue, Peter Denton, Fran McDonnell & Jimmy Deface are an experimental five piece alternative / Indie /Retro /Synth / Rock band from Co.Cavan and Co. Kildare. They formed in 2015 when Johno and Peter of energetic acoustic act ‘The Radioactive Grandma’ required new arms and legs and so three new lads entered the line up in the guise of Bass (Jimmy), Synth (P.Denton) & Drums (Fran).

But don’t be fooled by the enjoyment of this review, Ape Rising is a serious album of exceptional quality. It could also be considered a concept album but I’d hate to put anyone off who runs a million miles away from tags like these because there’s great tracks within this album. And perhaps that’s another reason why I love Ape Rising because it’s AN ALBUM, a work of art that modern critics are trying to kill off because their attention span can’t handle more than 140 characters. Well I’m delighted that I’m still reviewing bands that can keep my attention for 12 tracks.

Ape Rising is out now.