Review by Bobby Green

The peoples republic have a knack of raising the bar when it comes to great music and Atlas Zero are aiming to raise standards yet again with their debut self-titled and self-produced EP.  Formed back in 2013, they were all introduced to one another through mutual friends. As of early this year they all decided to pursue the band full time and have certainly set the marker down in delivering this EP.

Atlas Zero blends atmospheric rock with epic orchestral symphony’s and electronic elements. Speaking about their sound they say that their approach is to create anthemic, over exaggerated soundscapes yet retaining beauty in their melodies.

One thing that really impressed me was the overall look of Atlas Zero, it’s an easy mistake to think that ‘a look’ doesn’t matter but lead guitarist Cian who is also a photographer has really put the work in to create a look, something so many bands don’t even think about, and ultimately why so many bands never get past the 1st hurdle. A simple band logo could be all that’s needed to get ahead today and Atlas Zeros is beautiful in its simplicity.

The EP was recorded in Dan’s (vocalist / rhythm guitarist) family home in Monkstown in a small 8x10ft room in the house. The goal of this was to emphasise the fact that artists can create and produce professional sounding music without the need for expensive recording studios.

Atlas Zero are a creative force to be reckoned with and it’s a joy to see a band come along who have an idea about the look, feel, smell, touch of their art.

Atlas Zero is out today