Review by Bobby Green

The simplicity of one voice and a guitar can sometimes be more powerful than a 30 piece orchestra, it’s what makes music such an intriguing art form. The beauty of the sensory pleasures derived from listening to music are far ranging and can calm and excite, even anger in equal measures. With ‘Blood Drive’ Joshua gently lifts your soul into a meadow of tranquility building to a gentle melody never getting past a canter. It really is a beautiful soundtrack to a sunny afternoon. The single comes with 2 remixes of equal beauty, Ryan Vail and Rachael Boyd providing the atmosphere for you to chill out to.

‘Blood Drive’ is taken from Joshua’s forthcoming album Ephrata set for release May 5th. There’s an apocalyptic theme running throughout the record and much of the album is about PTSD. Joshua explains; “How something as routine as getting your blood taken can set off a fight or flight style anxiety attack, all of a sudden it’s as if the world is ending. ”The whole album is more dramatic and songs like “Tunnels pt 2” is rockier than anything he has done before. The arrangements are bolder and more colourful and there’s a greater sense of urgency. It is balanced out by a lighter side, with upbeat tracks such as “Ephrata” and “Unrequited Kind” belying the serious lyrical themes.

Blood Drive is out now – Ephrata is out May 5th