Review by Bobby Green

As you grow older your priorities change, you grow to realise the important things in life. Family, connection, truth, love and understanding. These are all things that with time will take over from youthful exuberance and fill your life with joy. And if you’re lucky enough you will have a creative companion to help guide you through the many paths your life will wonder down, be it literature, music, design or anything that inspires. And there will be times that this creative companion will remind you of days gone by, when all that mattered was a kicking pair of runners and your favourite bands T-Shirt. And you would wear that T-Shirt as your cloak of coolness in a sea of self-awareness where others had similar beliefs and you could tell the type of person someone was by the bands they chose to adore.

If like me you are lucky enough to not remember much about the late 80’s and early 90’s because you were too busy twisting melons or dancing around waterfalls then you will adore Jonny Rep’s Cold Sunbeam. It’s like you have found one of your favourite albums at the back of your collection and you’re remembering how good it was. It unashamedly pays tribute to its influences in the same way The Cults Electric album pays tribute to ACDC’s High Voltage. It’s been a while since I’ve heard that sound and I’ve missed it. It reminds me of excess and existential relationships with the universe. I wanted to don my flairs and put on the biggest hoodie I could find and pretend that brit pop never happened, and it was all just a dream. But it’s all ok, there is no need to panic because Cold Sunbeam is here now and we don’t have to dig out our lemon T-Shirts and dance amongst the roses because Jonny Rep is playing something new.

It does sound like it was recorded in the early 90’s and has all the swagger of that Manchester scene, and this could be the album that sparks the revival of that pre Brit Pop sound. I hope so because I want a Cold Sunbeam T-Shirt, I want people to know that this is an album I like, because if I saw someone wearing one I’d think they were cool.

Cold Sunbeam is out February 24