Review by Bobby Green

As the days turn into nights on these autumnal months the darkness brings with it a chill that needs to be kept at bay. Fires are lit, and soundtracks are chosen to accompany the soft crackle of the fire while the burning embers dance their way up the chimney.  On these long cold nights we sometimes call upon some old friends for company. Nina Simone, Billie Holiday, John Coltrane’s Love Supreme alone has kept me warm for a whole winter such is the strength of its magic.

But now there’s a new Magic, a voice from Dublin based singer NC Grey that takes me back to old loves so much so that it feels like I’ve known her voice all my life. This debut EP will have you swaying just like your mamma used to. If you love old school jazz and R&B swathed in soulful beauty with a voice as crisp as a summers morning then Magic is the must have EP this autumn to keep you warm on these long cold nights,

It feels like NC Grey has poured everything into these 4 tracks showcasing her vocal talents and song writing ability. She seems to have a Sade like ability to tell a story so beautifully that she could sing the phone book and you’d still think it was a wonderful story.

Magic is out now. NC Grey is most certainly one to look out for in 2018, but I fear these tiny shores wont be able to hold her for much longer afterwards.  Catch her while you can, this star is about to shine.