Boom Child are bringing you three headed rock in the most edible way possible. Launching their “The Super Edible” EP on June 10th in Sweeney’s on Dame Steet Tadhg Lipton, David Flood and Ross Shannon are emerging from the generational scrapheap to re-engerise your sensibilities.

Mixing elements of funk, dance, K-pop and hardcore punk the 5 track EP contains track like “I Want To Shift Your Sister” and “Wreckin’ My Head” which gives you an idea about the cheeky disposition of the band, which sometimes doesn’t translate into the music, except Boom Child are really really good. Underneath the outrageous lyrics you will find riffing guitars, as well as alternating melodic vs soaring guitar solos, pumping drums and a musicality that belies the punk sensibilities of the three-piece. “K-Pop” is a good example of this. While “Change 4 U” shows the bands ‘softer’ side. I wouldn’t listen to this over your computer speakers at work, in front of parents or grandparents, or children for that matter (only giving them ideas) but this is a mighty listen.

Boom Child launch “The Super Edible” EP in Sweeney’s, Dame St, Dublin June 10th