There’s a moment during the Myles O’Reilly directed video for I Have A Tribes new single “Buddy Holly” where Patrick O’Laoghaire lets rip this amazing smile. It’s a face consuming smile as the outer structure of what will be become a wooden car/cart is lowered over him. It’s the kind of smile I get from my other half after he has let rip a smelly one with the #sorrynotsorry smile. It’s a smile that speaks of a return to childhood wonder and enjoyment.

“Pick A star // Your favourite star and wish on it // Don’t ever let it go // Baby // And find a place // Your favourite place // And go to it if you ever feel alone // Baby // Somethings come and they go but I always stayed // Anytime you show up is a better day” sings O’Laohaire in the opening lines as he navigates modern love. Which is juxtaposed with the vintage car footage and wooden car imagery of the video.

The song is like the box that then fits inside a bigger box which fits inside yet another bigger box etc. Originally started 8 years ago it demonstrates how time can pass, fashions change, but we still sing about the same things. The Buddy Holly reference is also demonstrative of this, while also allowing us to contemplate how somethings change, and somethings don’t. Just because we get older and/or wiser doesn’t mean we cannot still find wonder in life. Or appreciate a good wooden car when we can!

I Have A Tribe’s debut album “Beneath A Yellow Moon” is due for release May 27th.

I Have A Tribe plays Connolly’s of Leap this Friday Night, April 29th, with Sam Clague and Pine The Pilcrow.