Review by Bobby Green

Going out on a Saturday night should always be special, it’s a homage to the shit working week we drag our arses through, just so we can afford to go out and be entertained and infected with our favorite poison on this holiest of holy days. I remember the days when I signed on and every day was a Saturday, but when Saturday did come around it felt magical because it was….. Saturday.

Last Saturday I treated myself to a night out in Dublin to see what the nation’s capital had to offer. One of Irelands hottest new bands ‘Call Girl’ were playing so this was obviously going to be my destination for the night and what better way to spend a Saturday then in a music venue listening to live music.

Call girls first two singles ‘Council Estate’ and ‘When the night is over’ were fantastic, so to see if they can pull it off live was an exciting prospect for me, a fan, to see if they could match the superb delivery they have captured ‘on tape.’ So as they entered the stage, I held on tight to my drink to see what would happen when I hear live a band that have by far the best indie single of 2018.

They opened up with council estate with a delivery so tight you could put a lump of coal between verse and chorus and by the middle 8 you’d have a diamond, and I honestly believe Dublin’s Call girl are a diamond of a band. There are no heirs or graces about them or false promises, their knack for finding intimate truths within a song remind me of why indie music is so important.

There are quite a few Indie bands around at the moment, it’s a thriving genre in Ireland right now, but there are a few bands that aren’t writing anthemic driven songs for the mainstream and Call Girl are leading that charge. Please don’t think I’m slagging that style, I’m a huge fan of those bands and that assault on the mainstream. But Call Girl’s approach to song writing is more personal and if you don’t get it then they probably weren’t talking to you, but that’s ok, if the kids are united, they will never be defeated.