“If I was to play this live I would need a 27 piece orchestra”, says Eoghan Holland about his recent musical project “Dreams”. Bored with the tried and tested method of recording Eoghan set off with the ambition of capturing the essence and nature of music, or a musician in their natural habitat. As it is ‘Dreams’ has no boundaries, control, or deadline. It was recorded as it was imagined. Sometimes in the middle of the night. Sometimes right after completing the lyrics. And sometimes even on the first take. It was an attempt to capture the purity of playing live, the freedom of expression and the emotion found in the moment of performance.
Recorded over 3 years at various locations around Ireland “Dreams” features contributions from well known Irish musicans including Mike Stevens, The Henry Girls, Allen Blighe, Ewa Gigon, and Comrade Hat. Hearing the ‘ooohhhhh’ on “So Chic” with its funky rhythm and knowing the story behind makes it stand it out all the more. Then you have the contrasting female and male vocals on “Richer” that work so well together. “Friday night/Amazing light” with its saccharine 50’s choir is given edge with the addition of percussion and electronic. That choir features again in canon on track “The Blue Diviner”. There is a mix of genres on “Dreams” from the folk of “Richer” to the rockier edge of “Appolo’s Walk” and the improvised jazz feel of appropriately named “Ol Twinkletoes”. “Dreams” also features plenty of experimentation between sounds, creating edges, curves and textures throughout the album. “Stealing Horses” is one example, the lone instrumental track but with plenty of clashing sounds reflecting the song’s theme. There is so much happening with the arrangement of “I Love My Job” between the vocal lines which are then hammered into place by synths and a horn section. So a 27 piece orchestra it is.
Dreams” isn’t meant to polished, or sound like it has been tweaked and mastered to within an inch of its life. It is supposed to sound improvised, slightly fuzzy and loose. As if the musicians were recorded having a jam only slightly more organised. Which means we have an album which has held onto its integrity of concept and execution and still sounds puts together.
Dreams” will be released on 20th May at the Roisin Dubh, Galway in association with Citog and 23rd May at the RCC Letterkenny, Donegal in association with Distorted Perspectives. The album will be available at a special launch price at these gigs and ‘Side 1’ will stream online the morning of 20th May.
Until the 20th here is a teaser of what to expect on “Dreams

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