It’s been six years but Cathy Davey has returned to music with new track “The Pattern” and promises of a fourth album. “The Pattern” is out July 15th and the accompanying video is directed by Elijah Egan and shot by Seven Figures Films.

The track and it’s message, to me, seem timely. During a period where we are discussing women’s roles, feminism, sexism, and the lot Davey asks “Where is my time?” At a moment when more voices are speaking up and lambasting our culture of body shaming, and serial critiquing of women’s choices whether they do or do not have partners and babies. The video for “The Pattern” seems to speak to this. Its visuals of a barren landscape and imagery of a Wiccan ceremony are part of a female story. There is a menace to the beat in the opening section of the track demanding not to be put in a box or labeled, an unspoken challenge in Davey’s unflinching gaze, and a strength in her questions and insights.

But this is merely my interpretation based on my experiences and insights. Listen to “The Pattern” below and keep an ear out for exciting remixes throughout the summer, an autumn release for the album and an appearance of My Lovely Horse Rescue at Electric Picnic.