CC Brez or Cormac Breslin released his solo album “The Nightfall” this month to a sold out launch show in Whelan’s. And it’s no real surprise, anything by Breslin would have been hugely anticipated by those who remembered he used to play with Republic of Loose or the fantastic Cars Love Girls. If you need a reminder go look them up now as a refresher.

“The Nightfall” intended as music for the evening does exactly what it says on the tin, and more. Full of the SOUL/ BLUES/ FUNK promised on the website, on first listen it is very reminiscent of Republic of Loose and demonstrates how much Breslin put into that outfit. As you go in for you second or third listen you pick up on the Prince references, they are there throughout “The Nightfall” but especially on “Scandalous”. Then you get a taste of Breslin’s outstanding guitar playing on “I C U”, “Not Here for a Long Time” and “Shocking Love”. The hit “Her Alibi” is the ear worm you have been unable to get out of your head! “Summertime Shuffle” might be one of my favourites with an amazingly 80’s synth/guitar intro that eases into the right kind of groove to sip cocktails with umbrellas. What we get is the funk and soul album as advertised but with electro pop elements and clever musicianship. A great night in, or out!

CC Brez plays The Academy Room 2, May 28th.

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