Galway band The Clockworks have just released their debut single “Girls Like You” on July 2nd and it has been on constant rotation for me all week. There is plenty to like about this debut single and much to anticipate for the bands future.

“Girls Like You” has a 90’s/early 2000’s indie/rock feel to it. And with witty, ironic anecdotes reminiscent of The Streets and The Artic Monkeys, The Clockworks delve into a world of late nights, one too many alco-pops and bad decisions. It brought me back to when this cynical social commentary first came on the scene and I can’t wait to hear what The Clockworks have to say about the state of things in 2016. Formed little over a year ago The Clockworks are James McGregor, Seán Connelly and Damian Greaney and have a mission “to write band songs abut ordinary life and to take them to Glastonbury with them”. A band with big dreams and a wry look on life has to go far. We’ve provided so much material for them to work with.

Listen to “Girls Like You” below.

You can buy “Girls Like You” here here