Review: Bobby Green

Columbia Mills may be a duo from Bray. The bands name comes from the legendary building based on Dublins Quays. In the early 90’s the building became a mecca for the illegal rave scene bringing people together from all walks of life and all musical tastes. Their blissed out sound on The Perfect Day EP would be the perfect comedown from one of those nights where your brain craves for some intelligence away from the 4 to the floor.

But don’t let the opening 2 tracks fool you into thinking this is a comedown EP, when the title track ‘The Perfect Day’ kicks in, you’re brought to beautiful horizons. This is a fabulous tune and I’m puzzled to find a reason why it’s track 3. It’s the title track and deserves to be the 1st track that people hear. It draws you in with its building crescendo and makes you want to hear more. The groove on History is what 4 o’clock in the morning was made for. Its multi- layered build leads you to a beautiful place. But underneath this beautiful sound is a subcutaneous darkness.

Imagine The Jesus and Mary Chain on blinding Persians and you’ll be somewhere close to understanding the sound of Columbia Mills. The Perfect Day EP is out now.