Clare Sands for me garners up comparisons with Christy Moore and Bob Dylan. Firstly, there is the unique way in which she uses her voice, both clear and yet casual. Then there is the storytelling vein in which she writes a song. Her new single “Surfing Up In Clare” fits these perfectly.

The track is due for release August 5th ahead of her forthcoming debut album “Join Me At The Table” which is out in October. It’s opening verse has an almost classical feel to it in its instrumentation before breaking into something more Americana in vibe. It’s a modern love story as Sands promises a fun day on the waves followed by drinks and a dance in the local in Lahinch. Sands sings about what she knows and loves and for that the song becomes more than the sum of its parts. A song about surfing takes on an eloquence of a poem and becomes an Ode To Surfing. That is the skill with which Sands has brought to the sngwriting and mood set with its arrangement.

You can catch Clare Sands as she heads on tour to support Luka Bloom and Mary Coughlan as well as her album launch, October 13th in Coughlan’s, Cork.

Sept 2nd Gleneagle Acoustic Room​,​ Killarney​ (​w/Luka Bloom)​
Sept 10th Garter Lane Theatre​, Waterford​ (​w/Luka Bloom)​
Sept 17th Triskel Arts Centre​, Cork (​w/Luka Bloom)​
Sept 23rd ​Clare Sands Band​,​ Kennys- Lahinch​
Sept 24th Riverbank Arts Centre​, Newbridge​ (​w/Luka Bloom)​
Oct 7th Roisin Dúbh​, Galway​ (​w/Luka Bloom)​
Oct 8th​ Clare Sands Band​, The Greyhound​,​ Kilkee
Oct 13th ALBUM LAUNCH​, Coughlans​, Cork​.​
Oct 14th Whelans​, Dublin​ (​w/Luka Bloom)​
Oct 20th Nells Jazz & Blues​,​ London (​w/ Mary Coughlan)​
Oct 22nd Glór Theatre​,​ Co.Clare​ (​w/Luka Bloom)​