CorkLovesMusic in partnership with First Music Contact and Cork City Council Arts Office presents: #CORKLOVESMUSIC: WHAT NEXT?

After a busy eighteen months that have seen discussions, talks and performances in Cork City’s favourite music venues; one-on-one clinics with industry professionals; and panels at festivals like Sounds from a Safe Harbour, Townlands Carnival, Quarter Block Party and Cork Midsummer, #CorkLovesMusic presents the first instalment of ‘season 2’ of its events series, designed to open up discussion and provide a place to share ideas in Cork music.


As the city comes alive in celebration of Culture Night on Friday September 21st, CorkLovesMusic assembles some of the Cork music community’s most dedicated facilitators and artists at longtime gig venue The Roundy, the home of the city’s beloved PLUGD Records. Discussion this time around turns to the challenges and positives the city’s arts scene faces amid a period of profound change and redevelopment for the city.

To help with discussions on the night, and with our advocacy for Cork music going forward, we’ve also formulated a survey for you to take on our events, music projects for Cork City, and your take on the state of music in Cork. Your opinion matters, and your voice will be heard, so take the survey here.

Accompanying the discussion will be live performances from three exponents of ambient electronics and improvised music, in The Roundy’s typically understated tradition: avant-garde duo MueseuM; solo electronic explorer Lighght, and a solo set from ambient beatmaker Jake O’Riordan.


Admission to the event is entirely free, and no advance booking is required. For further updates on additions to the lineup, please stay tuned to #CorkLovesMusic on Facebook and Twitter.




Aisling O’Riordan (Quarter Block Party)
Declan Synnott (Rebel Reads)
Shane Horan (Goldenplec)
More to be confirmed



MueseuM (Cork improv duo)
Lighght (Cork electronic/beats)
Jake Riordan (Cork ambient electronic)






#CorkLovesMusic is a cooperative of music and media professionals, formed after TEDx CorkSalon’s CorkLovesMusic event in September 2016. Working in collaboration with local festivals like Sounds from a Safe Harbour, Townlands Carnival and Cork Midsummer Festival, as well as community organisations like GroundFloor Studio, the group’s aim is to open up new conversations in and around Cork’s resurgent music community via its series of talk and performance events.