Review By Bobby Green.

I’m sure Chief Miles O’Brian must have used the music of Siomha on board the Starship enterprise, because whenever I listen to her music it never fails to transport me to a place of absolute delight. Her latest offering, ‘Cover me’ is again played live in the video just like ‘July Red Sky’ providing the listener with no doubts in the quality that flows between each band member as they effortlessly lift you up with their groove and carry you away to a land of diotic delight.

July Red Sky had exactly the same effect on me, Siomha’s music has the ability to block out your surroundings like the sweetest of pain killers but the only side effects of this addiction would be drowning in the sweet nectar of her voice. Cover me has some beautiful moments along its journey, the rhythm section is to die for, I could listen to them jam all day long. This is the sound of musicians in love with their craft, the joy they bring would satisfy even the coldest of players.

Siomha is on tour.

April 29th The Gallery Café An Gort

May 3rd Upstairs Dolans (with Brian O’Brien) Limerick

May 11th Connolly’s Of Leap Cork

June 3rd King Johns Castle (With Hermitage Green) Limerick

June 17th Doolin Folk Festival Ennis