Review by Bobby Green

When art is at its most powerful it stops you, and the world around you, and for that moment it makes you think about whatever it is the artist is trying to convey. Be it a feeling, an emotion or a thought process, if it affects you in any way then it is truly great art because if we can’t be moved in anyway shape of form by it then what is its purpose?

The latest release from Daithi (feat. The Sei), video directed by Lochlainn McKenna, is a multi-layered masterpiece that delivers on every possible level and leaves you with so much to think about while encapsulating you with so much emotion you might find the whole experience overwhelming.

The track ‘In My Darkest Moments‘ is so perfectly married with the visuals that it’s hard to believe that one could exist without the other. The video deals with male loneliness with so much understanding and empathy that for the 7 minute’s that you’re engrossed in the story of these 2 lads living in rural Ireland doing absolutely nothing you are told so much about the subject. For the most part of the video they are together but couldn’t be further apart. The single was recorded following the end of a relationship, perhaps this is how Daithi felt when writing it, being close to someone who is so far apart from you. But loneliness is like that, you could be in a crowded room but still feel like the loneliest person on earth

“This project scared me, but I’m also more proud of it than anything I’ve ever done,” Daithí said. “I became interested in the idea of how people deal with loss, and the different ways they recover from it. I was at my lowest point, feeling like nothing would ever be okay again, and found myself writing all sorts of melodies and chords as a form of therapy, but couldn’t imagine getting to a place where I felt comfortable making songs out of them. ”

I was truly taken aback by the power of this message and how beautifully interpreted this collective work of art is, because this is such a powerful video to an overwhelmingly beautiful piece of music.