Prolific is an overused word in the average music journalist’s lexicon, but sometimes it’s justified, as it is in the case of Daveit Ferris. When you decide you’re going to release a song once a day for an entire year, you can lay a justifiable claim to the term “prolific”.  So at that rate of speed, can the songs be any good? Surprisingly, Soundcloud didn’t fall over when we navigated to the playlist, which is currently 92 songs long, and checked out some of the songs at random.

I’m the Bull / You’re the China Shop – is….. Amazing. It’s funky, quirky, staccato angry power pop, beautifully produced with a really warm sound, and it’s better than most of what other bands spend months polishing. Google Me is a slow ballad that reminded me a little of Watercress, with its vocal harmonies and tongue-in-cheek lyrics.

I couldn’t resist the charmingly titled I Just Don’t Give A Fuck, which wouldn’t be out of place on a Therapy? album. It’s a wall of distortion, but again has that warm tube-y essence that makes it easy on the ears. This guy swaps genres as effortlessly as Joan Collins changes husbands.

I expected the ideas to dry up, and the instrumentation to grow sparser as I delved further into the playlist – but that didn’t happen. Out of the 15 or so songs I auditioned, I couldn’t spot a single filler track. The material is even topical and timely, with April Fools appearing on the list a couple of days ago – a Foo Fighter-esque romp with more guitar and vocal parts than you can shake a stick at. How the hell is this possible?

You owe it to yourself to check this project out: