Review by Bobby Green

It was 2015 when I 1st heard David King sing the blues with his album Ruirteach Blues. It was the best blues I’d heard come from an Irish singer in a long time. Not just because of the raw talent that flowed through the album but because of the honesty of the performance and song writing. Anyone can play lip service to a genre, but whoring his soul to the blues isn’t what David King is about. You can tell he has it in his heart and it flows through his fingertips.

Now he’s back with a new single ‘Crazy Crow’ and an album ‘Custodian’ to follow shortly.  The 1st single from the album is playful affair from an album that sees David go full tilt on the blues like a pinball machine kicked by a mule. Crazy Crow is a whiskey soaked story about a man finding it hard to stay off the sauce, nothing new in that old chestnut but that’s the beauty of the blues when done right. You could hear the same story over and over again but when a new storyteller gives you their version it’s their translation that gives blues new life.

David says of his new album “I am not the custodian of the blues . The blues is the custodian of me. A music about living, existing and trying to get along in an unforgiving and relentless world. Blues music represents all that is great about humanity and attempts to address all that is broken. Blues does not separate the young or marginalise the old and is a life long medicine that should be consumed first thing in the morning and last thing at night. We should handle it with care, respect the tradition and push the boundaries.

And sure it sounds deadly as well. lets boogie!”