Review by Bobby Green.

If you like your blues with a stomp and a punch of Rock n Roll attitude then this album is for you. David King is a Dublin folk and blues singer with an E.P entitled “Dig my Own Hole”. Gigging and live performances started for David as part of Dublin Rock band Gracehopper where he played guitar and fronted the band as lead singer. Gracehopper had roots in Blues/Funk/Prog Rock and played around Ireland for 6 years until they disbanded in 2010.

At the core of Led Zeppelin and Cream is the blues and through these bands David found Muddy Waters, Robert Johnson, Son House and other blues greats. After this, the blues was at the centre of his musical influences. These vocal and guitar styles are the basis of his playing style and sound. And that sound is a sound that wouldn’t be out of place in any whiskey bar in the world where they pride themselves on clean whiskey and dirty blues.

But it isn’t all Balls out blues on the album. On tracks like Drunk For You and Out At The River there are pictures of 60’s swinging London where the blues really took hold of those players that became legends, I can hear the kinks dancing around the influences.

Throughout the album you can hear David’s love for folk too, his song writing and some of the guitar parts show the beauty of his musical depth that intertwine this album into a wonderfully fabricated delight. But when the blues kick in they are delta dirty, played with the fingers of a thousand memories influencing them.

The Album is out digitally NOW!!

But this is an album played by an artist that has to be experienced live. The launch of the album is 20th March at the Grand Social in Dublin.

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