Cork band Slow Motion Heroes are releasing their long awaited debut album “Hinterland” on FIFA Records, April 8th.

A Frankenstein of several punk and hardcore bands from Cork the newly formed Slow Motion Heroes got mellow, worked on their melodies and have released joyful EP “Pop” to date. But they never forgot where the came from. Band members Barry McAuliffe, Dan Breen, Joe Jolley, Jean-Michel Cavallo, Antoine Madiot have melded their noisey past with their melodic future.

Belying it’s lullaby opening “When The Stars” evolves into a noisey, reverb heavy distortion on any kind of version of sleep. “Zeta” opens with a beautiful piano piece but it is dark and ominous and closes with a awesome rock out. When listening to “Oceans” just let the music wash over you and I don’t mean because it’s relaxing and soothing but because it is going to washing machine you any minute. But there is no denying the songwriting and the melody that weaves itself throughout the noise. The wonderfully crafted “Quit Smoking” is divine. “No Sense To A Summer” is Coldplay-esk. “I think You Ruined My Live” is driven by drums but it’s the deep, dark vocals that are the real draw on this beauty. Opening and title track “Hinterland” is vulnerable and tender with the guitar soaring out over the mountains. It is followed the by the first song from the album “At The End a Big Wave” which is probably the most radio friendly track on the album full of fun elements, a light touch on percussion, organ and U2-esk guitars.

Slow Motion Heroes may have made a move into melody but they carry that punk and hardcore edge with them throughout “Hinterland”. There is always an element of darkness, there is always a disturbingly low note or rumble on even the prettiest song. And this is why I am loving “Hinterland” they have not forgotten their roots but have a way with a song, a lyric and a melody that ensures both elements compliment each other. It is a revealing album emotionally, talking about the uncertainties of life, the success and failure of coping with situations and dealing with demons. Fond of pounding drums and big refrains this is something to drive around in the sunshine to and would blow you away live.

“Hinterland” was recorded between studios in Cork and Dublin from 2013-15, by Lawerence White, Christian Best and Tristan Dalton. Mixed by Elastic Sleep’s Chris Sommers and mastered in Los Angeles by Ruairi O’Flaherty. “Hinterland” is set for release on FIFA Records April 8th.

I robbed this from their bio because it is simply wonderful! “Think of 5 boys, born and raised in the wild, who learned some manners, but never forgot…” Never forget!