Delorentos have come along way since their formation in 2005. Back then, Delorentos and Director were two CD’s on continual play in my car, as any past passengers can attest. Since then they’ve been nominated and eventually nabbed a Choice Music Prize, split up, released an acoustic album and embraced social media.

Fast forward to 2014 and days after signing a deal with Universal Music Ireland the Delo’s released artwork for their new album as well as lead track ‘Show Me Love’. “Night Becomes Light” was released October 10th and is the culmination of their journey up to this point. It is by far their most ambitious without losing that distinctive Delorento sound. While still covering the theme of love and loss that powers their brand of Indie-pop they have also embraced new musical horizons to talk hope and their one stable – Dublin town.

On ‘Home Again’ with its close harmonies I can imagine we will be hearing this alot come Christmas time. They open with the new found sense of hope they have embraced. “Tomorrow will be different”. ‘Show Me Love’, the first track off the album with thumping beats and soaring rhythm guitar pulls us along with the catchy chorus. Joined with a viral video by Spanish director Antoni Sendra it was a strong lead off by the band.

I love the wavy guitar opening for ‘Forget The Numbers’. Maybe because it reminds me so much of The Smiths ‘How Soon is Now?’. The melody harks backs to Delorentos of old, showing the band know who they are, where they’ve come from and now, where they want to go. Not only in the lyrics “I used to dreams of Seas// battling the ocean’s mysteries” but also in their inclusion of some electronica, a first I believe for them. The level of their commitment to hope is seen in the repetition of the refrain, “See colour//see differences// take chances// before it gets too late”. ‘Everybody Else Gets Wet’ is an angular song featuring drum clips and sharp guitar strums as it builds to a crescendo for the chorus. As double entendres go…On ‘Too Late’ the band has appropriated some blues for the opening before then venturing off into an anthem bridge.

It’s obligatory to offer some softer songs on an album, a bit of variety and all that. But Delorentos seem even stronger in these quieter moments. On ‘Valley Where the Rivers Run’, the quiet soft opening belies this powerful emotive song. There’s also a sneaky Beatles reference which I always enjoy. This song pulls you along with it, building up to a shimmering crescendo before dropping back. ‘City’s Still Warm’ is the Delorentos at their most ambitious. Gloriously soaring in theme and lyrics but it is the instrumentation with the inclusion of strings that really lifts this beauty up. ‘Six Months To The Day’ here the simple guitar strums and backing vocals set the tone to this tale of love lost “It’s over//Six months to the day// I told her// I love her// it’s not enough she said” The ending left suitably ambiguous “She waits for// She waits for”.

The album contains many references to the city of their birth. And throughout everything they’ve been through, all the traveling they have done, Dublin remains the one constant for them. ‘Dublin Love Song’ is a fitting ode to the lads hometown as the last track on the album. “She is two cities// she is one daughter on her own”. Something that offers them hope while still being true to herself and her changing moods. Was the whole album about her in the first place?

Delorentos are currently on tour around Ireland