By Aoife McLoughlin


Dolans Warehouse played host to a whopping benefit gig for those affected by the recent floods in Limerick.

Some of the city’s finest musicians and artists came together Monday night 17 Feb, for what can only be described as a night of eclectic music and palpable energy. The night was MC’d by renowned thespian Myles Breen, who entertained a packed warehouse between acts, effortlessly.

To kick off the night we saw Eamonn Hehir accompanied by John Steele. Individually highly talented artists but combined a powerhouse of folk rock, guitar melodies and spine tingling vocal harmonies.


Next up: MYC, two young up and coming rappers from Limerick city who recently featured on the Limerick City of Culture Song. Confidence and conviction knew no bounds when these two took to the stage. It didn’t take long before the audience were involuntarily tapping their feet and nodding their heads in sync with these rhythmic rapper’s empowering lyrics.

Kat Turner wowed the crowd with her melodic and sassy vocals as the warehouse was brought to complete silence. All eyes and ears were focused on Miss Turner, who commanded the stage for not nearly long enough.All acts were unfortunately limited to 15 minutes slots on the night to showcase everyone.As the pints settled, raffle tickets squandered and bums firmly warmed seats, The O’Malley’s did what they do best, gladly running over time and setting a mood of good spirits and craic for the remainder of the night.

Leaving the O’Malley’s and “moving on to the babies”, as Myles Breen playfully put it, Protobaby took to the stage. Their combination of rock beats, haunting vocal style and underlying electro indie sounds were complimented by on the ball lighting effects. Kudos to Dolans light tech! Finishing up with the bands latest single “Keep Running” featuring their new female front woman, it was time to move on to another leading Limerick lady, Siobhan O’Brien. Armed with nothing more than her guitar, Siobhan’s folky tones and catchy tunes are always a treat.

As time waits for no man or woman, it certainly flew for each artist. No sooner had many a mouth accompanied Ms. O’Brien to “Guilty of Despair”, Windings were up. “This Is A Conversation” was played. This made everyone happy. Need one say more? As if energy and spirits weren’t high enough, we left the band line up behind and moved on to deck spinning, word spitting, balcony climbing and beat dropping duo MyNameIsJohn & God Knows. Once this talented collaboration hit the stage there was a clear division amongst the audience: the transfixed head boppers and the impassioned break-dancers!

Prompted by Mr. Breen, it was then the audiences turn to perform “Happy Birthday” to our next act of the night Moley, who was celebrating his 30th birthday.

Raffle time ensued and after the many great spot prizes were plucked and the army of playful hecklers quietened down, on marched Leading Armies and their band of melodic men (and women). An infusion of soul, jazz and pop enveloped the warehouse leaving the crowd reeling. Either these guys can cast spells or it was their emanating effervescence that left the audience buzzing.

Closing the night were Limerick’s funk and soul ensemble The Funk Junkies. These guys are always a winner with Leading Armies’ Conor Ryan accompanying Ciara Meade on vocals. It was the perfect finish to a great night for an even better cause. The gig helped raise almost €2,500 which will go towards helping those who tragically had homes destroyed by recent flooding across the city.