Review by Bobby Green
I was recently drinking one of my favourite scotch whisky’s with a good friend of mine. And it was easy to point out why this whisky stands out. There’s a little something extra to it that gives it its uniqueness. It’s dark and moody with all the fire you’d expect from this particular strand but it has a smoothness that stands out, a distinct personality that separates it from the others. It’s true to the art and history of whisky making but with its own particular nuance that gives this whisky its stand out flavour. And it’s these qualities that gives it an edge over the others.
Dusty Residents are a hip hop duo from Dublin consisting for vocalist Bradshaw and producer Taaffeman. Following the release of their debut album ‘Seabury Heights‘ in 2012 they have returned after three years of crafting their sophmore album ‘Orbits‘ with their first video single ‘Wanted‘. Their second album was released on April 29th with an album launch taking place in The Wiley Fox on Saturday June the 11th. If you are a lover of the art form then Orbits will remind you of why you fell in love with it in the first place. Dusty Residents don’t try to put an Irish twist on things by diluting a sound and making it ‘postcard Irish’ they have an undoubtedly Irish flavour that is only noticeable through the realness of their flow. I’m a huge fan of Irish singer songwriters but even some of them spread out the Green so thick you’re left feeling sick, you don’t have to import Irishness into your flow, you sound like a clown. But with Orbits, Dusty Residents have produced an unmistakably Irish Hip Hop album that is more punch than postcard. It consists of 13 tracks with features by singer/songwriter Funzo, Working Class Records beatsmith and emcee GI and upcoming vocalist Ollie Bell. The project is mixed by Karl Murray and mastered by Jackknife J. All production is handled by Dusty Residents producer Taaffeman except for the track 10 which features guest production by collaborator Karl Murray.
There’s a flavour to Dusty Residents that I like, something that makes them stand out from the others, a smoothness, a distinct personality that separates them from the others. Not just on the Irish Hip Hop scene but in the world of Hip Hop. Dusty Residents know this, hopefully with the right promotion many others will too.
Orbits is out now and the launch is in The Wiley Fox on June 11th.