Review: Bobby Green

There are bands and artists that like to define where they are musically with the release of an album. It’s a statement of who they are, or where they are at, at that moment in time. Some albums are just a collection of songs with no real link apart from the fact they are all on the same album, this works if the quality of the material is of a certain standard. With Wabi Sabi Soul you get a piece of work put together with so much love and attention that the album is only just one piece of the vision Dylan Tighe wants you to experience.

When reading up on the album and realising it was going to be released as a 47minute mix I was both delighted and fearful at the same time. On one hand I was looking forward to hearing an artist take me on a journey through their vision of what they’re trying to communicate with the world, but expecting the audience to listen could boarder on the pretentious. I say ‘could’ because I’ve often been expected, as a consumer of art, to understand the artist and what the artist is trying to communicate. But again Wabi Sabi Soul surprises you, and you just want to wrap yourself up in the sonic messages Dylan Tighe is giving you. Its delivery is offered as a gift rather than a demand that you listen. Before you know it you’re exactly where Dylan Tighe wants you to be and it’s a seamless journey you take together through death, love and rebirth. Also the album is just one step of a journey you’re invited to take.

Dylan Tighe will present the album in 2 one off events during April
These one-off events offer the audience not only new ways of listening, but, uniquely, a new way of seeing songs. As a theatre-maker, Dylan will bring together designers, sound engineers and musicians from theatre and music to create 2 unique experiences.

Dylan Tighe explains the ideas behind the events:
“Both library and cinema are communal spaces where people come together to contemplate and reflect and engage with ideas, and are perfect listening environments in which to experience these songs in unexpected ways”.

ON APRIL 26th, Dylan will present Wabi Sabi Soul in 5.1 SURROUND SOUND MIX OF ‘WABI-SABI SOUL’ by Sean Coleman, and lyrics in 3D designed by José Miguel Jiménez in Lighthouse Cinema. “At a time when music is predominantly listened to on a phone or laptop in mp3, the cinema setting offers the best sound facilities for listening to the album at the quality at which it was produced. But this is more than just a ‘listening’– I have specially commissioned a new and unique mix by album co-producer Sean Coleman for 5.1 surround-sound which opens up exciting and immersive sonic possibilities – instead of the regular 2 channel stereo, this mix offers 6 channels to reveal new perspectives. With this event I want to re-discover the beauty and depth of quadraphonic records for the digital age. With the specially designed lyrics in 3D I want to bring every word of the lyrics, drafted over 2 years prior to recording, into the subconscious of the audience. My aim is that this communal listening experience will transport the listener to another realm.”

ON APRIL 29th, Dylan Tighe presents a live ‘HEADPHONES CONCERT’ of Wabi-Sabi Soul in the main library of DLR Lexicon in Dun Laoghaire, Co Dublin with full electric band via individually-wired headphones. Dylan will collaborate with the musicians who played on the album alongside 2 sound engineers & award-winning lighting designer Aedín Cosgrove (Pan Pan Theatre). “My creative life began as a child reading in the library and this love of poetry and literature now inspires and shapes my lyrics. The songs on the album deal with “getting back to those childhood dreams” and I want to re-capture that sense of wonder in a library setting, but also to highlight the importance of the lyrics for me. I aim to create a space for lyrics to be seen as an integral part of wider literary culture from which they are often excluded. The listener will enjoy the combination of an intimate headphones listen with a communal live experience. The quality of the individually-wired headphones will reveal new elements of live sound & allow every word to be heard.”

3D LISTENING EVENT – LIGHT HOUSE CINEMA SMITHFIELD TUE APRIL 26th 7.30pm sharp €10 incl free album download.