EDC coverElaine Mai

New Single “EDC” – February 10th 2014


It’s all about progression. Elaine Mai, from her early start as a solo artist, crafting haunting melodies layered over harmonies, beats and acoustic guitar, has changed. Evolved, you might say. Since the release of her debut EP, Dots, in 2012, there has been a steady, perceptible shift in the style of her live shows. While there is still the same beautiful songs, there is a new focus on the beats and the dancefloor, moving away from the acoustic to the electronic, yet maintaining that same beautiful attention to the melody that has made her stand out as a performer. The new single, EDC, is indicative of this, a hint at the new direction on the forthcoming second EP proper, Known/Unknown





Elaine Mai plays The Workman’s Club in Dublin on Saturday February 15th 2014,

with support from Cat Dowling and Sleep Thieves