Review By Bobby Green

I remember the 1st time I heard Elly O’Keeffe sing. I was miles from home and deep in the heart of Scotland. While the wild winds around me were breaking down trees her calming voice safely carried me back home for the duration of her performance. I’ve seen her many times since then in a variety of rooms and every time she fills the space with not only a voice that shows maturity way beyond her years but her genuine personality and smile that makes her performances intimate experiences as she shares her songs with everyone.

‘You’, her latest offering has Elly O’Keeffe giving a timeless vocal that could have been delivered decades ago. She mixes great vocal depth and range during this performance from soft gentle breezes to powerful hurricanes reminiscent of the first time I heard her sing in the wilds of the Scottish heartlands. Her harmonies are also beautiful and faultless on this single along with her playing. It’s easy to forget how much of an all-round talent Elly O’Keeffe is when her voice is so encapsulating, but I’ve been lucky enough to be in her company when she’s just jammin with other talents. This young woman from Cork is already making waves abroad with people comparing her voice to the likes of Eva Cassidy and Janis Joplin, but I hear more golden country tones like Billie Jo Spears or Lynn Anderson. All these comparisons just highlight the range Elly O’Keeffe has. You won’t hear all of these on the new single so I suggest you go and see her live, she’s on tour now.

The single ‘You’ is out now on itunes

You can catch her live: