“Tear Out This Heartache” is the new track from Dublin singer/songwriter Eoin Boyle. The track is the first release off his upcoming EP and features well known musicians Joe Donegan of Discopunks and Rory Doyle, who performs with Hozier.

Boyle describes his sound as folktronica and what sounds like a difficult concept actually works quiet well. This is down to the soul influence on the track. That element is not just heard but felt. In the same defiant way that Diana Ross once told someone to go on and walk out that door Boyle also wants to be over his own heartache. The electronica aspect of the track helps it to move it along and add interest into an area we have heard before. The refrain that takes over is an ear worm and you can imagine an audience chanting along with Boyle as he claims victory over his heartbreak.

The video was shot and directed by film student Sean Clarke who uses three images to capture the story of Boyle’s loss and isolation contrasted against the passion of a flamingo dancer and the activity of a cityscape.

Have a listen here: