Ewa+Gigon+Ewa02Ewa Gigon is a Polish singer, composer and multi-instrumentalist. She combines her classical skills acquired in Wroclaw R. Bukowski School of Music in saxophone and vocal class with flamboyant theatrics and bizarre instrumentation. She recorded and produced her first album “Homemade Obsession” in 2004.

Ewa has been hosted at events such as the Ballroom of Romance, Magical Girl, Porko Dio, Electric Fix through Hugh Lane Gallery; has been extended invitations from Galway, Cork , Limerick, Ladyfest Berlin, Spirit of Voice and the Beyond the Bookshelf Festival. In April 2008 Ewa released her acclaimed ‘Moonshine Flowers’ album showcasing the wholly original high standard her musical and vocal skills have reached. 2014 see’s Ewa Gigon bridge into a more mature sound with her ethereal ‘For Natalia-Early Winter’ 7 inch release.’

The double A side brings to mind early Mike Oldfield albums, with ‘For Natalia’ in particular sounding like an outtake from Ommadawn. Her accented voice makes her sound like Stina Nordemstam’s older sister. It’s very different, and a little bit special.