By Bobby Green
Exmagician’s road to their debut album was extremely eventful, but with any worthwhile journey the destination is worth every step. Daniel Todd and James Smith already have enough kudos that any career in the music industry would be proud of, and their debut album Scan The Blue oozes with a swagger that would grace any band 3 or 4 albums in. But if you delve into Daniel Todd and James Smiths already rich and well documented history you’ll see that they have been playing together since their teens and their tapestry has already woven some fine work.
But the world of music can be so unforgiving and judgmental, and you’ll only be as good as your last album. And if Exmagician are using this rule, then they just might be as good as anyone would be after writing this possible Album of the year with their self-produced (with a little help from Rocky O’Reilly) album Scan The Blue.
Not since The Beta Band have I heard such lushness coming from an album. Many have tried but so many have fallen extremely hard on the side of bland, but Scan The Blue sounds like a joyous album superbly executed. Even through its quieter moments it doesn’t lose its intenseness. I’ve heard the album quite a few times now and every time I find a new favourite. I’ve really fallen in love with it, so much so I’d forgotten to write this review because it’s the album I put on when I switch on my laptop and after I’ve had a drink, chilled out and heard the album, again, I completely forget I’ve got to review it. It takes you away from whatever you’re doing and holds you in a place of sonic beatitude. I can only imagine how great Scan The Blue sounds live, because these songs scream out to be heard through the passion and intensity of a live performance.
Exmagician are worth keeping an eye on, and their debut album is a must for collectors. You’ll hate to be buying a reissue in years to come when you’re trying to look cool. This is an album we’ll be talking about in 10yrs time, I just hope the retrospect is a celebratory one with many others for us to enjoy.
Scan The Blue is out now.

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