Review by Bobby Green

In a world where so many things that are abhorrent to us are normalised and served up to us on ever increasing regularity it’s beautifully refreshing to find something to love. It was ‘A Cold Hand’ that turned my head and my heart last year when I first encountered this Galway collective, and since then My Fellow Sponges have danced around my consciousness with such glee and gay abandon. I find their music uplifting and a delight to listen to. You can feel their genuine affection for their craft seeping through their charming melodies as they encapsulate your soul with every note.

‘The Schlieffen Plan’ is a gentle affair that effortlessly floats its way into your heart with its undemanding inflection, the horns will carry you along a gentle ride from verse to chorus and back again in a gentle dance that’s not too fast but certainly enough to make you dizzy. But this old fool could just be high on the fact that amongst all the shit that normally gets released at this time of year there’s a flower that grows from heart of Galway that will blossom in the lives of whoever welcomes them in.

‘The Schlieffen Plan’ is out now.