FLApes are a perfect example to those of us who defend pop music, showing that it doesn’t have to be muck for the masses. The opening track of the Wigfield Sextape EP ‘Crouching Bees’ will soon be on radio station playlists and clinging to your consciousness like chewy candy stuck in your teeth . It just feels good and you want it to be part of your summer. If this is a taster for the album, due out later this year, then I look forward to reviewing it. Their sense of melody is infectious and edgy.  Indie pop has not been as exciting since the mid to late 80’s ‘alternative’ /‘new wave’ scene. FLApes stand unashamedly tall at the vanguard of a new era, and their very loyal fan base stands shoulder to shoulder with them, co-funding the album with a ‘fund it’ campaign.

‘bwah’ and ‘The Hunk and ‘The Fun Palace’ have a stripped back production that shows how creative and diverse their sound is. Their true punch is shown in these tracks, with attitude in abundance. The closing track ‘Tyson’ brings you into crescendo after crescendo of electro synth sophistication.

Something about Fight Like Apes reminds me of The Sugarcubes, but I’m not sure what it is. It could be the passion that comes flooding through the music, the multitude of ideas thrown at the songs that make them distinctive or it could just be that they know how to make perfect pop seem cool.

Wigfield Sextape is out May 12th on Alcopop Records.

Review by Bobby Green