Trying out a new format here at where we ask a band five questions to get the down on what makes them tick. This week we have Dublin Duo Apella under the spotlight.

How did Apella come to be?

Dara started the band in later 2013, it wasn’t even called Apella, the ultimate goal was to record the entire album before anyone heard a song.

What inspired the video for debut single “We Met At A Party”?

We didn’t want to do a video about someone meeting someone at a party – the concept isn’t inspired by anything specific. more an accumulation of different genres of music from different decades and how important the ‘image’ of each artist was. Styled by the incredible Orla Dempsey, we dressed Goth, Punk, Hip Hop etc and performed to a panel of “music industry experts” to try and find our identity as a new artist. Andrew Holohan directed the video.

You’ve played alongside some huge acts already who is your dream to play alongside?

Yes, we have both been very lucky over the years opening and playing festivals alongside some great acts, Ronan played drums at Slane before Bon Jovi… Amazing.

It’s be great to play alongside The Cure.

What inspires you?

Girls on Instagram that post their fitness regime. It gets us through the day.

What is Apella about?

Apella is about refreshing the world in mind, body and spirit. To inspire moment of optimism and happiness through our music and actions.

That may be the Coca Cola company mission statement.

“We Met At A Party” is out now.