If you like your indie pop all dreamy and atmospheric then you’ll be delighted to hear that Frankenstein Bolts have a new album coming out and “Anatomic Major” is the lead single from it. This sprinkling of musical charm floats in at 2 minutes and 27 seconds and gently lifts your soul to a plateau you’ll be ever so familiar with if you’ve been following this Wexford duo for as long as we have here at musician.ie

The Frankenstein Bolts have that magical ability to take you away to their world and immerse you deep into emotional pleasure with their sound. But I do love this band, and the reason is that their music does appeal on an emotional level, and I’m expecting moments of pure joy from the new album, Aglow and Spark, which is out next month and is the result of a crowd funding campaign.

Look out for Aglow and Spark being in the top 10 Irish albums for 2017 if “Anatomic Major” is anything to go by it’ll be the album everyone will fall in love with.

Watch the video for “Anatomic Major” below