Review by Bobby Green
Last year when I heard Up To The Root I remember wishing the weather was nicer because it suited hazy sunshine and lazy late summer afternoons. This may all sound cliché but far too many bands fall short of the very basics of making a listener feel anything close to an emotion or a feeling. This is one of the very reasons that Cinematic Views and last years Up To The Root were so beautiful.
The EP opens up with Station Street and immediately you just want to close your eyes and fall into the frequencies that they are really mastering with this dream-pop atmospheric sound. It’s a joy to hear it. But it’s not all dreamy weamy popadelic folkbased musings. The upbeat Anna Seed breaks up the floating dream state of Cinematic Views but even that has a cosy laidback vibe about it that the whole EP has embraced. Imagine being out all day on the beach and you’re just about to go for a walk to see the sunset, and you go to the car where you pick up your favourite jumper and it’s been heated all day in the sun. That pleasurable feeling your body gets as you slip it on is the diotic equivalent your ears have when you listen to Cinematic Views. It’s a relaxed work of dream pop, and from this leftfield genre of pop they really do excel.

This is one of the EP’s I’ll be putting on my ipod for my holidays where I plan to escape from the mundane realities of day jobs and internal politics. Great art has the ability to do that. It takes you to a place where the creators want to manipulate you and your emotions. Cinematic Views leaves you in a place far more beautiful than  you were before you were embraced by its lazy charm.