Remember The Shades? Remember ‘Cider Horizon’? I do! I came across them and it on a “Cork Rocks For Rory” compilation from Freakscene/Sir Henry’s back in my student radio days and I played it on every show for a year.
Fast forward to 2016 and the trio that made up The Shades have reunited for a new track and brought some new friends along with them. Duo Graham White and Rory Dempsey make up freezerRoom under which the song is released and Ray Scannell returns to guest vocal on the track “On The Surface Of It” which is out August 12th. It will feature on freezerRoom’s new LP “Fire On The Ocean” out later this winter.

The track also features Fish Go Deep vocalist Tracey K (who reminds me of early 80’s Madonna on this) and string accompaniment from Rory Dempsey’s London based Heritage Orchestra friends which adds drama to the track. Dempsey’s banjo is an unusual choice but fits perfectly with the dynamic of the track. Graham White is on synth and keys duty providing the tension building clashing piano riff. The track itself talks of bitter and bittersweet feelings post breakup and the counterpoint towards the end reflects the contrasting emotions.

“On The Surface Of It” is beautifully produced (by Graham White & Rory Dempsey, mixed by Graham White & Colm Kenefick and mastered by Andy Vandette – Engine Room Audio NYC) and thoroughly thought through to reveal a pop song that will appeal to current and new fans. The video was directed by Mike Foott. The song and vocals were provided by Ray Scannell. While Christian Eigner (Depeche Mode) recorded drums. Keep an eye out for the LP it promises to be a treat.

“On The Surface Of It” is out August 12th. You can watch the video below.