Review by Bobby Green

In 2005 Stoat unleashed their debut album ‘Future Come And Get Me’ and now thirteen years into the future we can finally see what the future had in store for them. Like many of a similar age there is confusion and disappointment at the way things are, how things have turned out.  How come everyone else seems to be happy and understand their place in the world? Or are they just zombies accepting that this is just the way things are? Is everyone else really happy? Why does Talk radio make me feel so alone? What would have happened if I ended up with her? Why? Why? Fucking why?


I have to admit to being late to this party, I missed their debut album as I was running around naked in The Nire Valley listening to Queen albums pondering my own future, but I think I’ve found all my questions reflected in this brilliant observation of life that ‘Try Not To Think About It’ offers up. I remember hearing ‘Talk Radio Make Me Feel Alone’ and thinking that someone had written the perfect song for the 40 somethings who are looking around them and thinking, ‘am I really a part of this society?’ If so, then I think we’ve all made some terrible mistakes.


Then Stoat released Trampolina, the greatest Indie love song since The Frank And Walters ‘After All’ or ‘Veronica’ by Sultans Of Ping. It’s a classic, and by then I had a new favourite band and life didn’t seem so confusing anymore. Yeah, there were still questions in my life that needed answering but who cares? I could bounce around to Trampolina and be reminded that I’m not the only love fool in the playground.


But life can be a bitch sometimes with its endless questions and the pressures of adulthood drag the spirit out of you and dress you up with the clothes of conformity and conditioning. Am I the only one who thinks that everyone else is a mug for giving up or is the joke really on me? I do find it difficult finding my place in todays world but finding Stoat has been a glorious epiphany for me as they will be for you. They dare to be different and succeed with splendour, they are a band, not a brand so it’ll be a hard sell to the masses but Stoat don’t play no game that they can win. This is an album made by people really enjoying making music that speaks to them, and if those conversations make them angry, happy, sad or confused then it doesn’t matter as long as the dialog is honest. And this is honestly the best album I’ve heard in years.

Stoat are having a launch party on Saturday 10th February with Shrug Life at The Underground 64 Dame Street Dublin.

Bobby Green will be interviewing Stoat on his radio show on Tuesday 6th February

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