Review By Bobby Green

Every now and again you’ll hear a record that will make you want to see a band live. The energy and attitude that encapsulates a 3 minuet song can sometimes convince you that you need to see that song performed to a crowd, Daisy is one of those songs and is track 1 from this blinding new debut EP from Dublin band GANGS.

The Back To School EP was produced by Brian Foley, bassist with legendary Dublin band The Blades. It has attitude and class far beyond what a debut ep normally offers. You can tell these boys are serious, there’s something going on and you can either be a part of it, or get out of their way.

Although the EP is an ode to Dublin and explores life growing up in the nation’s capital, anyone who has ever grown up in a city where the streets dictate the laws on which you live by can feel the vibe of GANGS.

Young Employment and Back to school (tracks 2 & 3) tip a cap to early Jam, obviously The Blades and Secret affair, and I for one have waited far too long for a time for action. The independent ‘alternative’ music scene is very much alive in Ireland. It’s English cousins seem to be hung up on selling millions and being ‘The next big thing’ But judging by what’s coming out of Ireland at the moment the focus is very much on the music. GANGS have a little bit more than just the music however. Their style and attitude makes you want to be part of their crowd and if the debut ep is anything to go by then GANGS will have a lot more followers awaiting a debut LP.

Back To School will be released through Reekus Records on Friday 26th September.

To mark the launch the band, in association with MCD, GANGS will play two gigs in one day at Dublin’s Academy 2 on Saturday 27th September. The first show (2pm) will be an over 14s matinee and the late show (7pm) will be over 18s with a full bar.

Check out the video for Daisy here