Review : Bobby Green

One of my greatest pleasures in life is following bands, I love the journey, every twist and turn and the artistic creation along the way brings me so much joy. I’ve followed bands from local pubs to stadiums. Drunk with bands one week and watched them on telly the next as their star ascends into bigger atmospheres.  But my favourite journey to date has to be where Gary Showbiz has taken me, and this latest instalment ‘Tall Tales, Tidy Towns’ is absolute dynamite.

This was going to be part of a concept album called ‘Tidy Townstrophenia’ but a lost weekend that lasted more than a few months ended up with Gary Showbiz becoming a ghost hunter and disabling himself with a perforated eardrum. He also managed to wipe a years worth of work from his hard drive. Although this was a disaster for Gary Showbiz it was just pure entertainment for anyone who follows him online. I’ve been following him since 2011 and since then I’ve never witnessed anything like it. His output is phenomenal and his creative energy has seen him form storming bands, headline festivals, crash with those bands, form new bands and do it all again just to find ways of putting music out there.

With Tall Tales, Tidy Towns he has reverted to the DIY style of looking out of your window and writing about what you see, writing about your surroundings, writing about what you know. With songs like Austerity in Aldis and Hatch 23 where he talks about his admiration for a girl he meets whenever he signs on you get a true feeling of Garys surroundings. What you get with Tall Tales, Tidy Towns is something real, something honest, something a bloke did all by himself because the energy inside him made him do it. If only someone could harness that energy, it could power heat for the elderly for the winter months.

I’ve been lucky enough to have been following Gary for a few years now and I have never been disappointed with anything he has put out, be it a song he wrote about his favourite biscuit and put a video together and put up on his youtube channel, or his more collective album efforts.  Tidy Townstrophenia’ would have been an amazing concept album but that lost weekend (few months) spawned some hilarious moments and a fucking great album of what was recovered.

Tall Tales, Tidy Towns is out now, embrace its honest beauty.

Gary Showbiz youtube account is well worth checking out too, some stuff on there is pure genius. You’ll thank me later for the recommendation.