Whether you’re aware of it or not, you’ve more than likely heard of The Geddes by now. Since the release of their début single ‘Frontline’ in November 2014, The Geddes have held a steady presence on Irish radio, helped along by them having been chosen by UTV group radio (FM104, Q102, Galway Bay FM) as their ‘Select Irish’ track at the beginning of this year. The Dublin-based band have since been working hard writing and recording their début release. I went along to the launch of their ‘Human’ EP in Whelan’s on the 29th of May.

Thanks to the fantastic sets played by both support acts, Ellen and Carla and Adam Cummins, the excitement can already be felt in the air as a packed out Whelan’s waits for The Geddes to take to the stage. When they do arrive and begin to play the first chords of ‘Shadow of a Heart’, they are met with screams to rival that of any major band that have been touring for years.

It is not however just the crowd reaction that is comparable with hugely successful bands. From very early on in their set it is clear that The Geddes do indeed take their music very seriously, with every song being played flawlessly and professionally there is no doubt that a lot of hard work and rehearsal has gone into their live show.

Several songs into the set, the excitement and energy has not waned one bit and the faithful are just as happy to listen to the band covering a few of their own favourite songs. The most impressive of these sees lead guitarist Liam McDonnell come to the fore (having been playing skilfully but unassumingly throughout the set) to join forces with Liam Geddes to perform a stunning, stripped-back cover of Sia’s ‘Chandelier’.

After a stomping cover of One Republic’s ‘Counting Stars’, the stage welcomes some surprise guests in the shape of Dublin rap collective Class A’z, with whom lead singer Liam Geddes released a song in early 2014. They perform their song ‘Lifeboat’ with the band energetically restoring the elated atmosphere to the venue after the somewhat mellow few songs leading up to the collaboration.

The most intimate moment of the gig, and in my opinion the most memorable, is when the rest of the band takes a step back and allows lead singer Liam Geddes to take the spotlight as he plays and sings the third track from their EP, ‘Astronaut’. A pin could be heard to drop in Whelan’s as Liam’s incredible vocal really gets a chance to shine through in this intimate ballad. The sincerity of his songwriting is evident as he gives a passionate and genuine performance and the relative quietness also gives the audience a chance to take in the impeccably designed set, with candles now lighting the stage. With the band joining in again towards the end of the song the climax is euphoric and emotional leaving the crowd in the palm of their hands for the next song, their most recent single ‘We’re Only Human’. This is clearly a crowd favourite with much of them joining in to sing the song’s catchy refrain.

Despite being fourteen songs into their set, it is apparent that this audience is not ready to say goodbye to The Geddes boys just yet and to screams of satisfaction the band return to play their final song, debut single ‘Frontline’. The crowd sings along word-for-word with the final chorus and you can see by the expression on the band’s faces that this moment, after months of preparation and hard work, is everything they’d hoped it would be. They are obviously extremely grateful and without sufficient words to describe it as they express their thanks to the elated crowd.

The Geddes truly gave their debut headline gig everything they had and remained on top form throughout. For having officially only been together for less than a year I simply cannot fault this band, they know what they’re good at and they do it with utmost professionalism. I hope and expect to see this band continue to grow and make huge waves in the Irish music scene in the near future, as they undoubtedly will with their EP ‘Human’ having landed in among the top spots in the Irish Album Charts upon its release!

The Geddes’ debut EP ‘Human’ is available to download on ITunes and Spotify.