There are some musicians and music out there that remind you why we crave music and the emotional impact it can have on us. Furthermore, there is some music that just cries out to be heard through the best possible sound system or headphones and illustrates why the market is so huge and varied in these areas.

I came up against this so blindingly obvious point when listening to Newbridge producer MMOTHS new album “Luneworks“. I got the buzz saw/ white noise he uses through out the album, I also understood the use of “Phase in” and “Phase out” tracks, and I could hear it was a fluid album flowing from one track to the next. But I wasn’t as awestruck as I was expecting by someone who has had everyone talking since they first appeared five years ago, young, fresh and doing his own thing. Then I plugged in my Sennheisers.

The beauty of opening track “You” was overwhelming and emotional for me. It’s ebb and flow carrying me with it. The sound is textured almost tactical, if you reached out you could touch it. The piano on tracks like “Verbena” and “Lucid” so dazzlingly clear and beautiful. Jack Colleran’s vocals becoming an instrument in themselves on “Para Polaris”, “Deu”and “Eva”. The buzz saw/white noise working its way through from “One”, “Deu” taking centre stage on “Para Polaris” through to “Eva”. The time keeping ticking/heartbeat on “Deu” features throughout “Luneworks”. MMOTHS is experimenting throughout “Luneworks” bringing forth one element at a time for a specific purpose. On “Body Studies” we have the wonderful inclusion of Morse code leading us to the climax and later closing out the track. 1709 has a tropical feel to it with steel drum type lines battling with clap beats and swirling vocals.

I said that listening to “One” was emotional for me, the whole album is one synth-laden, texture driven emotional rollercoaster. Subtle sonic changes indicate track changes as they flow, intermingle and reference each other. While we do have elements of the lighter, summery side of the MMOTHS we met five years ago “Luneworks” as the title suggests is atmospheric, shrouded in mystery, peeking out at you from different angles and encouraging you to follow it down dark alley ways. It is an album of purpose, graduation, beauty and distinction. In a few years when I’m comparing a new producer or music to someone/something it will be to MMOTHS and “Luneworks”. It is inspirational in it’s conception and magical in it’s delivery.