Under Fire” is the teaser release from Ghost Robot‘s forthcoming 2nd EP, “Sell It To Me“.  This Waterford band consists of Michael Doyle (Vocals), Dael O’Brien (Drums), Evan Hayes (Bass), David Hearne (Rhythm Guitar) and David Rudden (Lead Guitar), and the sound is big – very big indeed. There’s nothing like two electric guitars to project a wall of sound, and the mix is excellent. The vocals punch through, the bass and drums punch through, and the guitars have that Butch Vig sheen that many studio bands aspire to but few achieve. It’s a spiky little belter, with hints of XTC and Franz Ferdinand, but I found myself singing Prince’s “When Doves Cry” along with the verse – the resemblance is tenuous, but it’s there!  More of this, please!

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