Review by Louise Blackburn
Dublin four-piece Myth launched their new single “Idiots Savages” in The Workman’s Club on Saturday night (April 1) and new reviewer Louise Blackburn was on hand to catch the show and says “they got the crowd going with their strong rock beat and energetic performance”.
Taking to the stage at 9:45 the buzz of a packed venue surely settled some nerves for Myth as they faced their first headlining show.
Lead singer Alex Webb is multi talented. Not only did her vocals impress but she also played the violin in interludes throughout the set. You could hear the influence of Paramore and Evanescence on the set.
Their song writing style relies on a strong drum beat through the verse changing to a head banging chorus and Webb’s haunting vocals bring across the mood of the tunes.The crowd cheering them on after each song, seemed to give them more energy during the set.
The song ‘Crow’ which Myth say shaped their musical style and sound drew you into the soul of the group. ‘Stacy’ is a heartfelt song of frustration of taking on another person’s dramas where they don’t seem to care about changing the situation. I’d say most people in the venue could relate to this.
Overall, a great performance at The Workmans Club, and I’ve just found an exciting new Irish alternative rock group for you to keep an ear out for.