“Wednesday’s Child Records announces the re-release, on CD, of the album “(Yesterday Is Coming) Music For Albums” by Guusniks.”

Guusniks is the name of the studio-project duo of two men from north Cork in Ireland; (Limerick-born) Flor O’Driscoll: composer/ instrument-abuser, and Ian Johnson: proficient musician/ producer/ engineer/ co-composer/ mixer. The Guusniks album, “(Yesterday is coming) Music for albums” was recorded from 1997 to 2007, and was originally released on CD in 2008, accompanied by little promotion and even lesser sales.

The album features ten tracks, composed mainly by Flor O’Driscoll to sound like an album to which he himself would want to listen. It aspires, then, to sound like Stockhausen, Ligeti, Satie, Roger Doyle and Philip Glass, among others. It has the ambient dissonance of early A.R.Kane, Flying Saucer Attack and the ambient-side of Pere Ubu. It is sample-heavy (women wailing, African tribal chanting, angle-grinders grinding, aeroplanes taking off and landing etc.), like early Art of Noise and “Dazzle Ships”-era O.M.D. On listening to the album, one listener described feeling as if they were out on the ocean, while another listener described feeling as if they were in a rain forest. The album is heavily influenced by early Kraftwerk(including Organisation’s “Tone Float” album), early Neu!(especially “Sonderouwjebit” from the first album), Popul Vuh, Brian Eno and “Low”-era Bowie. Fans of the album have compared it to Philip Glass’s score of “Powaqaatsi”, Roger Doyle, Arvo Part, Kate Bush and Matt Johnson’s/The The’s “Burning blue soul” album.

Three tracks can be heard on www.myspace.com/musicforalbums , and copies of the CD can be ordered( €5 each, plus postage and packing) from guusniks@gmail.com.