Review: Bobby Green

Travelling folksters Harry Bird and the Rubber Wellies present their intimate cabaret of joyful sing-a-long choruses and general interactive fun. But don’t let their jolly name fool you, this magical album is a serious delight full of so much charm. Based in Bilbao and Dublin they have spent the last five years touring Ireland, the UK and mainland Europe playing bars, cafes, theatres, circus galas, festivals and folk clubs alike. And this dedication to the live performance has crafted their sound and song writing into a warm and pleasing songscape that inhabits pirates, lizards, cracks in the wall and Basque cyclists.

Bricks and feathers delightfully dances between thigh slapping to toe tapping to gentle swaying in an encapsulating dance that brings you into the world of Harry Bird and the Rubber Wellies and welcomes you like a long lost friend. There are songs of great beauty within Bricks and Feathers that are so easy to fall in love with, and this comes from their constant touring, they know what works, they know how to please.

Harry Bird and the Rubber Wellies are a band I’d love to see live with bottle of red that would complement the warm and rich sound they fabricate within the stories they tell so beautifully. This album really caught me off guard, I really didn’t know what to expect when it arrived and it’s been the only thing I’ve been playing all week.

Bricks and Feathers is out now on Bandcamp