Limerick band Hermitage Green have been on the scene awhile. Starting out they were known for their covers but quickly found their feet writing original material. The product of five years touring, gigging, writing and experience Hermitage Green released their debut album “Save Your Soul” March 4th.

After their initial start band members Barry Murphy, Dan Murphy, Darragh Graham, Darragh Griffin & Dermot Sheedy are well used to comparisons to bands like Mumford & Sons, Fleet Foxes and other American Rock/Indie outfits. The largely accoustic-rock band have brought a touch of trad to the fold as well as acknowledging other Irish acts including Walking on Cars, who also use American Rock influences.

Opening with the title track “Save Your Soul” which is an rousing affair full of everything you associate with Hermitage Green, trad/accoustic as well as a sprinkling of American rock influences. We find more traditional influences on tracks “Quicksand”, “The Hill of Graves”, “Magnificent”, “You are my Chemistry”, “Golden Rule and “Renegade”.

Then we have more tradition American Rock tracks like “My Only wish” and “Mayday” which is a softer version of the form. “Not Your Lover” most closely reminds me of “Walking On Cars”.

Stepping away from comparisons Hermitage Green are one of most widely respected and hardest working Irish bands around. Ask any Irish musician and Hermitage Green are often named as one of their favourite performers. They began performing before they thought about writing their own material and this comes across in the material on “Save Your Soul”. What also comes across is that they have found a way to seamlessly incorporate Irish Traditional music into their own just as American Rock music has. And that just demonstrates the lessons the Limerick band have taken from performing over the years. The themes though vary widely from songs of love, unrequited or not, and also deal with very Irish stories that we can all relate to.

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Tour dates:
March 26th – Roisin Dubh, Galway
April 4th – Cork Opera House, Cork
April 9th – INEC, Killarney
April 15th – The Academy, Dublin
April 23rd – The Set Theatre, Kilkenny
May 5th – the Big Top, Limerick
May 7th – Dean Crowe Theatre, Athlone
May 13th – McGrory’s, Donegal
May 14th – 6th on Teeling, Sligo
May 21st – The Empre, Belfast
May 22nd – Dunamaise Arts Centre, Portlaoise